The Roster is moving along and ready for proofing this week. There is a small window to add information manually and we are hoping to go to print very soon.

Roster Information was exported from the database last Saturday, March 30.  Any information members added online in the database themselves prior to this date is included in the Roster.  Any information added on or after this date is not included in the roster draft.  If you contacted me through email, text or phone, I am aware of the updates and the new information has been included in the roster regardless of what date you communicated the information to me.

Even though the member section went to proofing and formatting this week.  I will still try to enter new information manually, until I can’t.  Continue to contact me through email or text.  I will confirm receipt and do my best to include it in the 2024 Roster.

Sara Leavitt
FJYC Database
[email protected]

This includes email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, mailing addresses, boat names, moorings and home ports–anything included in the member information section of the roster.  If you have already made the changes in the database, I have it.  Mooring and other changes will continue throughout the summer and you can still send me that information throughout the year.  If you enter information yourself, please notice the formatting example under the entry boxes.
Rosters will be mailed the beginning of May, before Opening Weekend. Members living out of the country can access the digital version online at