C3 in the Isthmus is available for 2024.  Will take a 40-43′ boat.  Please reach out to Eric Johnson (562) 400-4048 or [email protected] if interested.

Mooring Sublease available in the Isthmus, West Side, Row “C” near the shoreline for a 43′ sailboat. If you are interested, please call or text Chuck Phillips (559) 593-2437 and I’ll put you in touch with the sublessor.

D-1, Fourth of July Cove is available for a sublet for 2024. Accommodates a 40 to 44’ boat.  If you are interested, contact David Balfour, 626 705 1210, [email protected]. Call asap as he will let the mooring revert to the Island Company after the first of the year.

E2 available for 2024.  Accommodates 58 ft boat. Conrad Banks 562 254-1200  [email protected]

Mooring sublease available for 2024. A16 in Cherry Cove. Will take up to a 39’ boat. Contact Ray Armstrong: [email protected].