The 2024 Porch Party Chart is filling in nicely, thank all of you that have signed up early to either be an OD or work at a party. We still have 4 OD positions to be filled:

1. June 22, Fat Camp ReVUE,
2. June 29th, theme of your choice
3. August 31st, theme of your choice
4. September 1st, Beach Party after Dinghy Parade

Please check your calendars and if you are available consider being an OD for one of these parties. If you don’t want to be an OD please at look at the Porch Party Chart and consider volunteering to be a crew member for one the exciting events planned for Summer 2024.

As in the past years, if you would like to sign up for an event please email me at [email protected] with the dates you would like to work. I will respond to you when I have added your name to the Porch Party Chart. The chart is available in the Helpful links section of the FJYC NEWS.

Looking forward to hearing from you with your volunteer requests!

Judy Lamb
Porch Party OD